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"Tyree is amazing!!! She is creative, unique, and FUN! I look forward and can't [wait] for my next appointments!! Thank you Tyree for your friendship!!!"


                            Nate Perkes Photography

"Best hair cut always!!!  You are my preferred stylist and I don’t intend to leave." 

"I also wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on my hair and [my daughter's] too. Her new cut is working out great, she got a lot of compliments on it the next day so that made her happy. I love what you've done with my color and the only thing I would change if I could is that I wish you could do my hair for me EVERY morning!" 

"I tried you because you are a stylish lady and wanted to see if you had any great ideas for my hair. You did a great job and I appreciated it!" 

RAW Artist Showcase in Boise

Hair Design: Camilla Orosco

Photos: Erika Astrid

Makeup: Tyree Ward

"Dear Tyree, You do a super job.  I was very pleased and received many compliments on my (styled by you) hair.  Thank you very much. Until next time." 

“I love my hair and so does everyone else! Thank you so much! I am so thankful to have found a wonderful friend and an awesome stylist! Have a great 6 weeks. Love ya!”

Editorial Photo Shoot
Photography & Design: Jenny Bowler
Hair & Makeup Design: Tyree Ward

Editorial Photo Shoot for RAW Artist Showcase in Boise
Photography & Design: Jenny Bowler
Hair & Makeup Design: Tyree Ward